Answer Questions About Your Family’s Health

Better Understand Your Health Status

Not everyone has a close relative that they can speak with about questions concerning their health. Your Nurse In Touch is your health advocate who provides you with personal attention to help you better understand your health status.

Answer Questions

We communicate with all your health professionals involved with your care to get you answers

Aquire Tools

Acquire the tools that you need to better manage your chronic disease.

Save Money

Save money by screening for ineffective or repetitive types of drugs

Your primary care doctor is the person who is responsible for medically managing your care. Most doctors are working very long days providing care to his/her many patients and their time is usually limited. Your Nurse In Touch helps the doctor to better manage you medically. We provide the doctor with information that is important and necessary to deliver the most effective care. Your Nurse In Touch is a service that acts as a communication link between you, other health professionals that are involved in your care and your primary care physician. This is accomplished by connecting patients, doctors and improving access to a computerized care plan to better integrate the healthcare team of professionals. This enhances better care coordination, promotes patient engagement and communication among all stakeholders, closing the referral loop. Review of the patient portal results in fewer communication errors which may lead to problems with your health.

Improve Your Safety

Upon enrollment with Your Nurse In Touch, all of the medications that you are taking will be analyzed through medication software and updated on a monthly basis. This is not only a way to improve your safety, it may save you money by screening for ineffective or repetitive types of drugs.

If another health professional prescribed a medication for you, Your Nurse In Touch will have your new medication screened with any other medication or supplements that you are taking to see if there are any possible adverse reactions that could cause harm.

On a monthly basis, Your Nurse In Touch will answer those questions about your care that you did not think about until after you left the doctor’s office. You will be asked about any new health issues that you may be having. If necessary, your Nurse In Touch will help schedule medical appointments or deal with issues concerning preventative services, the pharmacy or rehabilitation facility. Your Nurse In Touch will be there to assist you in coordinating all of your healthcare needs and related issues on a monthly basis.

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Deaths Caused by Chronic Illness

In 2010, 7 out of 10 deaths were caused by chronic illness. National studies have shown that the people that enroll in a case management and wellness program like Your Nurse In Touch, remain healthier and have a better quality of life. Medicare pays for this service, because the studies show that enrollment in programs like Your Nurse In Touch save the government hundreds of millions of dollars by addressing your healthcare needs more quickly, catching problems and getting them treated, thereby decreasing the need for costly hospitalization.

Your Nurse In Touch will provide additional support that you need in order to better manage your chronic disease more easily and effectively. We are here to improve your safety, keep you in good health and give you peace of mind. Treat us as that family member who cares about your needs and concerns. Our sole purpose is your health.