The patient’s needs are always our unwavering priority

Your Nurse In Touch is a care management company providing a service that is based upon federal regulations that did not exist prior to 2015. Some companies that specialized in non-healthcare related computer services have entered this chronic care management field. To those of us who founded Your Nurse In Touch, chronic care management is not about computer services, it is about people needing care management for the care of their chronic illnesses by caring health professionals.

Although Your Nurse In Touch is a relatively new company, due to the Medicare Program not existing until 2015, the founders of Your Nurse In Touch are 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation being employed in the care of people over 65 years of age. We are not computer people, we are people that have spent most of our lives working in healthcare. We are healthcare minded people. We are people that enjoy helping others.

All of our experience in the past has been in healthcare facilities. We see that the landscape of healthcare is changing from treating people when they become sick to keeping them as healthy and active as is possible. We applaud the Federal Government for seeing that chronic care management makes people’s lives better. When we learned of this new Federal program to help people with chronic disease to better manage their illness, we were excited about the opportunity to become a part of an area of care that we felt needed to be addressed for many years. This program model that does not require face to face visits, affords us the opportunity to reach out to so many more people that we could ever care for in an institutional setting.

We are excited about the opportunity to help so many people who could benefit from our program. Our standard has always been that the patient’s needs are always our unwavering priority. We will do everything that we can to provide the highest level of service to all those entrusting us with their care management. The service that we perform has great meaning to us. We welcome your feedback and hope to earn your respect and trust.