Your Nurse In Touch uses certified electronic health records, in accordance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service’s standards. This custom designed computer software leads the nurse case manager through a comprehensive list of questions, in an effort to discover any health related problem as soon as is possible. Answers to the nurse’s questions are part of updating your plan of care. The software helps to uncover new issues, address recent treatments and medication changes. In cases of emergency or in just visiting a specialist, the Your Nurse In Touch portal will be able to be accessed 24/7 so that a health professional, other than your primary care doctor, can make the most informed decision on your behalf. Your demographics, allergies, medication that you are taking, in addition to other health information specific to you, will all be available for your health and safety.

Your monthly answers to Your Nurse In Touch’s questions will generate a list of tasks to be performed on your behalf, to assist you in being able to meet your healthcare goals. A report can be sent to your doctor each month so that he has the knowledge to effectively lead the team of professionals working to maintain the highest level of health and wellness that can be attained for you and by you. The Your Nurse In Touch administrative team will also monitor your task sheet to assure that everything that needs to be done for you, is completed as quickly as is possible.